New Land Rover Leases in the Richmond Area Let You Take the Wheel Without the Commitment!

If You've Been Eyeing the Land Rover Lineup Here in Richmond, But You're Not Sure About Committing to Forever With the Same Vehicle, a Land Rover Lease Will Solve the Issue!

For drivers with discerning tastes and busy lives, Land Rover leases can pose the perfect solution to your car-buying troubles. Sometimes, live tosses us curveballs, and if you're someone whose five-year plan is filled with question marks, enjoy the luxury SUV you want with the flexibility you need by taking the wheel with a great Land Rover lease from Land Rover Richmond. Check out some of the benefits below, then consider snagging one for yourself.



Benefits to Leasing the a New Land Rover SUV at Land Rover Richmond:

Leases make great sense for young professionals, students, or those who expect life to change in the next three to five years; just because you're not able to commit to forever with a new Land Rover luxury SUV doesn't mean you can't get the car you want now, for now—that's what makes Land Rover leases ideal for many Richmond drivers. Here are some of the oft-ignored benefits to leasing that new Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport, or Range Rover Velar here at Land Rover Richmond:

  • Short Term: Most leases run between three to five years, so if you're someone who can't really plan for the next five or ten years, how about taking things in the short term? Life changes fast—folks switch jobs, get married, have children, move out of state—so sometimes it's impossible to say yes to forever, but you can still say yes to the next few years!
  • Warranty Coverage: Because leases occur on new Land Rover SUVs the vast majority of the time, your leased vehicle will likely remain under warranty coverage for the duration of your lease, which means a lot of service and maintenance cost could be covered for you!
  • Lower Monthly Payments: If you lease instead of buy, your monthly payments are based on the cost of depreciation, not the overall cost of the vehicle, which means your monthly payments will be lower for a lease rather than the purchase of the same vehicle.


After considering all those benefits to entering into a Land Rover lease, perhaps you're ready to slide comfortably into a lease of your own? Come see the team at Land Rover Richmond. Our team will help you find the right luxury Land Rover SUV for all your driving needs, and then you can count on our friend finance department to help you find the flexible leasing terms you're after. Don't put of luxury driving today just because you're unsure about what the next few years holds; a Land Rover lease makes commitment a non-issue!

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