What About a Luxury SUV That Does More Than Take You from A to B?

The Range Rover Velar—Inspired Design That Really Moves You

Some people don't care about driving, they don't care how comfortable they are, they don't care about the materials, or how capable their vehicle is, or how they connect with the car they drive every single day, and their standards are surprisingly low—but those people don't need to drive something as sophisticated and inspired as the Range Rover Velar. For drivers in the Richmond, VA area who are interested in the emotional impact of their vehicle, in the way their vehicle handles, the way it feels to sit inside it; for those drivers who want a vehicle that does more than get you here or there, but instead want a luxury SUV that will truly move them, the Land Rover lineup is for you. Find your new Land Rover model here at Land Rover Richmond and enjoy waking up every morning inspired for the day ahead!

How Does the Rand Rover Velar Inspire?

Good design should do more than fill a need, it should anticipate them and solve for the issue beforehand; good design invites an emotional response, compels you to seek more, forces you to inhabit a new, changed perspective—in short, good design inspires you. Looking for good design? The Land Rover lineup has some to spare, especially the Range Rover Velar. The exterior design is subtle and sophisticated, using solid, dramatic proportion to give the entire SUV a sense of gravity and making it hard to avert your eyes. Features like standard LED headlights, Luxtec and seudecloth upholstery, and a 250-watt, 8-speaker Land Rover Sound System, you'll find the features inside just as inspiring as the body that carries them. So if you're looking for a new SUV that does more than carry you, consider a new Range Rover Velar luxury SUV—guaranteed to move you.

Looking for an outstanding, capable, and eye-catching luxury SUV in the Richmond area? Land Rover Richmond is proud to be your local Land Rover retailer. You'll find the Range Rover Velar alongside out other sophisticated and compelling luxury SUVs from the Land Rover lineup. Reward yourself with inspired driving and inspiring design—reward yourself with a new Land Rover luxury SUV.

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