Can a Land Rover Tow? Land Rover Richmond Investigates

It's a fair question, can a Land Rover tow? The short answer is yes, but not every Land Rover vehicle can tow. More specifically, there are three Land Rover models that have towing capabilities: the Land Rover Discovery, the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and the Range Rover Sport. Towing capacities range (no pun intended!), but each is very capable. Below, we breakdown the specifics of each vehicle’s towing capabilities.

Range Rover Sport

As the name suggests, the Range Rover Sport is designed with more a sporty style in mind. Mixing sport efficiency with rugged outdoors capabilities, the Sport has a towing capacity of 7,716 pounds! Plus, it comes with trailer stability assist and optional advanced tow assist technology.

2018 Land Rover Discovery

Combining urban thrift with outdoors brawn, the Land Rover Discovery is more than just capable, it thrives at towing. Optimized suspension geometry and advanced tow assist tech ensure effortless towing. The Land Rover Discovery caps out at 8,201 pounds of towing capacity! This thrifty city SUV can handle a lot more than winding city streets!

2018 Land Rover Discover Sport

Coming standard with a 237 horsepower 2.0-liter Automatic engine, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is almost as capable as its Land Rover siblings. Maxing out at 4,409 pounds of towing capability, this versatile SUV is more than able to pull along a few canoes, or five (depending on canoe size!) Sporty with a rugged bend, the Land Rover Discovery Sport has plenty of towing capability.

There it is. Yes, a Land Rover can tow. Check out our selection of Land Rover vehicles from the ease of home, or stop by Land Rover Richmond and test drive one of our tow-capable vehicles today!

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