What is Land Rover Traffic Sign Recognition?

We've all been there -- you're chatting with a passenger or adjusting the radio dial and you miss a speed limit sign. In no time, you're going ten miles per hour over the speed limit and risking a speeding ticket. Luckily, Land Rover has set its engineers on the problem and come up with a solution: Land Rover Traffic Sign Recognition.

Traffic Sign Recognition is a part of the available InControl driver assistance suite. Using camera technology, the system can recognize traffic signs and bring important information to the gauge cluster display. This can help you stay more aware of the driving conditions around you.

So, how can you try out Traffic Sign Recognition for yourself?

It's simple -- stop by Land Rover Richmond. We can get you behind the wheel of a new Land Rover model, so you can test our Traffic Sign Recognition in real world settings. Just tell us which model you're most interested in and we'll go get the keys. Give us a call to set up your test drive appointment.

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