Welcome to Land Rover Richmond. If this is your first time exploring the Land Rover brand, we are ecstatic to show you all the advantages it has to offer. A lot of our first-time customers prefer to opt for a short term lease so that they can get a feel for what they are in for. We encourage all our customers from around Tuckahoe and Glen Allen to do the same if they are curious about the brand, and we have some great monthly rates to boot.

Why Should I Lease a Land Rover?

There are multiple advantages to leasing a Land Rover. First and foremost is that it is an ideal situation for Mechanicsville VA drivers who are always interested in checking out the newest vehicles. Lower monthly rates make it more affordable, and at the end of your lease, it's easy to jump right into a new one with the latest model. At Land Rover Richmond, we make lease vehicle returns simple, as all you have to do is drop the keys off, sign some paperwork and be on your way.

Another advantage of leasing is that you seldom have to worry about maintenance. Land Rover SUVs are as tough as they are beautiful, and since you will always be driving a new vehicle, they will be in pristine condition for the duration of your lease.

And, of course, should you fall in love with your Land Rover SUV (and why wouldn't you?), you always have the option to purchase it at the conclusion of your lease. All you have to do is finance the remaining value, and it is yours to keep.

Ready to see what a Land Rover can do for you? Explore our current specials and apply for financing today.

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