The Land Rover Defender makes a great choice for Midlothian area drivers who need a new vehicle. It was crafted with many features that make it fun and safe to drive in Mechanicsville, VA. This vehicle comes with the following features.


You can enjoy the Land Rover Defender for many years. It is durable and is made out of strong materials that have been thoroughly tested. The Land Rover Defender gets pushed to the limit during the testing process.


You can explore your favorite areas with confidence if you drive a Land Rover Defender. This vehicle can handle being drive on various types of terrain across Tuckahoe. You can drive this vehicle through shifting sands, the urban jungle, and icy environments and still, feel like you're on the paved roads of Glen Allen.


Everyone wants a vehicle that helps them make a statement while driving. The Land Rover Defender has an eye-catching design. You can choose the Defender 90, Defender 90 X-Dynamic, Defender 90 X, Defender 90 V8, and Defender 90 V8 Carpathian Edition. There are also different accessory packs, explorer pack, adventure pack, urban pack, and country pack. Additionally, there are color options that Santorini Black, Yulong White, Lantau Bronze, Hakuba Silver, and Fuji White.

There are different roofing options that are available. You can choose the folding fabric roof, contrast roof, or sliding panoramic roof. The folding fabric roof can be opened so that you can feel the air of your surroundings. You can close it to have more privacy. The sliding panoramic roof allows you to let in more natural light from the Richmond, VA skies. The contrast roof comes in two options, which are Santorini black contrast roof or Fuji white.


The Land Rover Defender is prepared for 21st-century adventures. You will be able to conveniently stay connected when you are inside of this vehicle. Some of those technology features include a Pivi Pro Infotainment System and navigation system.

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