If you love driving your Land Rover around Richmond, make sure you're roaming Virginia for years to come with proper luxury vehicle upkeep. The Richmond Land Rover service center in Midlothian can help.

Look at suggested Land Rover maintenance intervals to stay up to date with luxury car repairs for your SUV. These service intervals will help Virginia drivers know when they should visit our Land Rover service center near Richmond for specific repairs and routine maintenance projects.

What Richmond, VA Drivers Should Do at These Land Rover Service Intervals

Every 5,000 Miles

Have us perform a Land Rover oil change in Midlothian every 5,000 miles. We'll also change the Land Rover SUV's oil filter, lubricate the chassis, test the car battery, and check the tires. These services keep the Land Rover at peak performance while ensuring driver safety and stress-free starting.

Every 10,000 Miles

Some annual service projects should occur every 10,000 miles. This includes checking and topping off fluids, such as coolant levels and transmission fluid. We'll also inspect the Land Rover's steering and suspension system so your SUV is ready to tackle off-roading around Virginia.

Every 15,000 Miles

For health, safety, and better filtration in your Land Rover SUV, cabin air filters should be replaced every 15,000 miles. Windshield wipers should also be replaced. We'll test your Land Rover's brakes for superior stopping power on Richmond, VA streets. Power steering fluid, cooling system, fluid, and windshield washer fluid will be checked and topped off. Additional inspections are performed on the drive belts and exhaust system.

Every 20,000 Miles

Make sure your Land Rover can illuminate Richmond, VA roads at night by having us inspect and replace exterior lights at 20,000 miles. We'll inspect the electrical system, fuel system, and the exhaust system.

Every 30,000 Miles

In addition to inspecting brake lines and hoses, we'll also exchange the Land Rover's brake fluid every 30,000 miles. Power steering components should be inspected, along with the Land Rover's seat belts.

Schedule Service Online When Your Land Rover Hits a Mileage Maintenance Interval

When Richmond motorists surpass a mileage benchmark for suggested Land Rover maintenance, they can schedule service online and book an appointment in Midlothian. Our Land Rover certified technicians keep every luxury SUV in pristine condition with factory-scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Thanks to Land Rover service specials, we also help Midlothian motorists save money on Land Rover maintenance. They can search our service coupons to save on luxury car repairs for their Land Rover.

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